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Cisco IT Essentials Chapter 11-16 Answers 100%

  1. What is the purpose of the setupmgr.exe file?
  2. It helps prepare an answer file to automate the installation of Windows XP.
  3. A user mentions that the Photoshop application has been recently installed on a laptop and that the laptop runs slowly when Photoshop is running. The computer technician checks on the laptop and notices that while the laptop responds normally when it is being used to surf the web, the hard disk light is constantly on when Photoshop is running. What is the most likely cause of the excessive hard disk activity?
  4. the amount of installed RAM
  5. A user calls the help desk to report that a PC displays an error message on the screen that indicates certain system files are missing or corrupted. The computer technician suspects that some system files have been accidentally deleted or that the system files are corrupted. Which command should the computer technician perform on the PC to restore protected system files with known good versions?
  6. sfc /scannow
  7. Which statement best describes how telephone calls are carried over data networks and the Internet?
  8. Analog voice signals are converted into digital information that is transported in IP packets.
  9. A new technician has joined the IT team and is about to service a heavy printer. Which two precautions should be taken to avoid any injury when transporting the heavy printer to the service area? (Choose two.)
  10. Avoid lifting the equipment using the strength in your back.
    Lift the equipment using the strength in your legs and knees.

  1. Which external connection technology would a technician choose for a customer who wants to connect a device capable of a data transfer rate of 700 Mb/s to a computer?
  2. IEEE 1394b (Firewire)
  3. A user on the network needs to be able to add and remove files in a shared folder on an NTFS-formatted server. Users should never be allowed to assume ownership of the shared folder. Which permission should the administrator assign to the user?
  4. modify
  5. A user reports problems with restoring backed up files to a Windows XP computer. Which two issues are possible causes of this problem? (Choose two.)
  6. The last full backup and all incremental backup sets are not available to restore the files that are backed up with an incremental backup.
    The user set the target drive file system to FAT32 instead of to NTFS in the Advanced Mode Options of the Windows XP Backup or Restore Utility.
  7. What determines the maximum number and the type of PCIe slots that a particular motherboard can have?
  8. type of chipset
  9. What is the issue if the status of a hard disk drive shows as “Unreadable” in the Disk Management utility?
  10. The drive has input/output errors, has a hardware failure, or is corrupt.
  11. What are two problems that are caused by setting an incorrect boot order in the system BIOS? (Choose two.)
  12. The computer displays a “Missing NTLDR” error after POST.
    The computer displays an “Invalid Boot Disk” error after POST.
  13. What precaution should a technician take when checking a dot matrix printer that suddenly stops functioning?
  14. Avoid the print head, which can become hot.
  15. Which technology allows a user to securely access a company LAN across a public network?
  16. VPN
  17. What is different about the default location for user files in Windows Vista compared to Windows XP?
  18. The default location for user files in Windows Vista is within a user-specific subfolder in the Users folder.
  19. Why does a technician wear an antistatic wrist strap?
    to prevent damage to electronic components inside the computer
  20. Which two wireless configuration features make it harder for a hacker to see and attach to a wireless network? (Choose two.)
  21. Disabling SSID broadcasts.
    Configuring MAC address filtering.
  22. Which two Windows XP procedures can be used to access a command prompt to test network connectivity? (Choose two.)
  23. Use the Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt method.
    Use the Start > Run > and type CMD.
  24. Which location on a hard disk is used by the BIOS to search for operating system instructions in order to boot a PC?
    active partition
  25. A temporary user is trying to log in to a computer that the same user used last month, but now is unable to complete the login process. What are two possible causes of the failed login? (Choose two.)
  26. The user is using an incorrect username or password.
    The user account has been disabled.
  27. What could be the possible solution to the Windows Vista search feature taking longer than expected to find results?
  28. Change the settings of the Index service in the Advanced Options panel.
  29. A technician is trying to allow user access to a printer on a small network. Which solution is the lowest in cost?
  30. computer-shared printer
  31. In a networking class, the instructor tells the students to ping the other computers from the command prompt. Why do all pings in the class fail?
  32. The Windows firewall is blocking the ping.
  33. A computer that worked fine yesterday now locks after two hours of use. What is the problem?
  34. CPU overheating
  35. A user is experiencing problems with a new removable external drive. What two checks should a technician perform to ensure that a removable external drive will be recognized by a computer? (Choose two.)
  36. Ensure that the correct drivers are installed.
    Check that the external ports are enabled in the BIOS settings.
  37. A network technician is installing network service in a new office. What is the distance limitation of a single data run for UTP cabling without adding networking devices?
  38. 330 ft (100 m)
  39. A technician is compiling a company computer support training manual. One of the utilities that is described in the manual is Sysprep. What is the purpose of this utility?
  40. It prepares a computer for imaging.
  41. A student is trying to upload class files to an FTP server on the school network. The connection fails from school but works fine from the home computer of the student. What is the likely problem?
  42. The school has port 21 blocked on the firewall.
  43. A computer had updates installed and was rebooted. Nothing is displaying on the monitor that is connected to the computer. What could the technician do to reset the monitor settings?
  44. Use the F8 key.
  45. A computer has been assigned an IP address of What command could be used to force the computer to request an IP address again?
  46. ipconfig /release
  47. A customer has spilled some liquid into the laptop keyboard. The laptop appears to function properly except for the keys. After cleaning the keyboard, the technician tests the keyboard and it still has failing keys. What are two possible actions the technician could take? (Choose two.)
  48. Replace the keyboard.
    Use an external keyboard until the laptop keyboard is replaced.
  49. A user mentions that after a PC is upgraded from Windows XP to Windows Vista, the PC runs slowly. What would be the best recommendation to make in order to enhance the PC performance?
  50. Add more RAM.
  51. A technician has been asked to install a second optical drive in a computer. The technician will need to configure the drive as slave. How can the technician accomplish this desired configuration?
  52. Use jumpers on the drive to configure the drive as slave.
  53. What is one advantage of a solid state drive?
  54. less prone to failure than a traditional drive
  55. A student laptop is running slowly, and the student suspects rogue computers are accessing the laptop. Which control panel feature is used in Windows Vista to verify the firewall setting?
    Security Center
  56. A Windows XP computer that once had three operating systems installed now has only one operating system. However, when the computer boots up, the user is still presented with a choice between the old systems and XP. Which path allows the user to make changes to the BOOT.INI file?
  57. Click Start. Right click My Computer. Choose Properties. Choose the Advanced tab. Click Settings in the Startup and Recovery area. Click Edit.

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